The Pegmatite Zone

This page is intended to give you some understanding of what comprises
a pegmatite in theory and then to show you some of the unique minerals from the
collecting site links found herein. The collecting sites are described as well.

Mineral deposits are unique occurrences and indeed a rarity. Just remember - mining is a risky business....there are no guarantees just like in Nevada casinos. Some people come out winners and others lose their shirts. Understand what you are investing in thoroughly if you choose that course of action. Corporations (CORP's and LLC's) doing business in California are required to register with the California Secretary of State whether offerings are public or private. There are also other state and federal guidelines which must be met for private offerings and these vary from state to state. An interesting site to check out is the link to all secretary of state sites by clicking here . It will have information on any commercial enterprise including mining companies incorporated anywhere in the USA. The site can also provide links and details to obtain commercial documents, uniform codes and a list of the necessary filings for business operations. Do your own research to find out more about these companies since it provides a valuable background.

Note that nothing in this website gives anyone permission to trespass or break the law, knowingly or unknowingly. The information provided is simply to highlight some of the better pegmatites known throughout the world.

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