Minerals of the Oceanview Mine
Pala, San Diego County, California

About: A lesser know and developing classic California locality mined intermittently by many of the old names in San Diego gem mining. It has been operating only about 5 years now. This mine is across the canyon from the Stewart Mining properties and is on private land. There are several mines on the same hill including the Pala Chief Mine and the Elizabeth R Mine to which the Oceanview will eventually connect. The mine is one of the only Pala mines that still does "real" mining on a regular basis. Other mines are long inactive including the most famous one which doesnt really mine any more. Although you wont be allowed in during actual mining operations there are lot of things you can learn, see and do on an organized field trip to the Oceanview Mine. To find out about how the mine was developed click here.

Spectacular view of Salmon City, Little Joe Mine and Tourmaline Queen Mines
View of the famous Hiriart Hill where some of the first discoveries were made in the area.
View of the Tourmaline Queen across the valley.

The Oceanview Mine is surrounded by the Pala Indian reservation as well as private land on all sides so dont trespass.

Mine Portal
Mine Equipment - Jackleg and Drill Steel
Mine Equipment - Mucker and Mini Dozer
Mine Owner Examining Pegmatite Zone
Miners at Work - Drilling a Stope
Miners at Work - Drilling a Stope

Like the Stewart Mine, world famous for its diverse and unique geology,you find much the same here at the Oceanview. To see an aerial map of the property click here for an aerial photo from the the digforgems.com website. It is also famous for its diversity of minerals including a pure pink tourmaline (rubellite) , green tourmaline (verdelite), indicolite tourmaline, montmorillonite, quartz, goshenite, morganite, kunzite, purpurite, lepidolite, albite, bismuthinite, digenite, zircon, amblygonite, cookeite, lithiophyllite, triplite, vivianite, spessartite, wardite, apatite, columbite, tantalite, bismutite, clevelandite and many other minerals. Of particular note are the bicolor tourmaline specimens which are overshadowed by the fabulous pink specimens from this mine. Check with the shop as specimens of pink tourmaline and other pegmatite minerals are available as facet rough and specimens on occassion. Below are pictures of specimens of some of these minerals from this upcoming world class mine.

Minerals of the Oceanview Mine

Typical pegmatite mineralization
Typical pocket zone
Pegmatite with Lowgrade Spodumene Frozen In Situ
Quartz and Schorl
Morganite Cluster on Albite
Multicolor Tourmaline (1 inch across)
Multicolor Tourmaline (2 inches long)
Peach Colored Morganite (2 inches across)
Bicolored Morganite (4 inches across)
Kunzite (3 inches across)
Goshenite (1 inch across)
Columbite/Mica/Quartz (partial view)
Mica (1 inch across)
Phantomed Quartz (4 inches tall)
Blue Apatite (0.75 inch across)
Feldspar (12 inches across)
Quartz Cluster (4 inches across)
Quartz /Albite Plate (14 inches across)
Double Terminated Bicolor Apatite (0.6 inches across)
Cleavelandite/Quartz/Lepidolite (12 inches across)

To find out more click here to go to the Oceanview Mine website. You can arrange a group tour or screen thru mine rough by appointment - SUNDAYS ONLY. To find out the details click the previous link for a truly unique family or group experience. You might even see some deer in the nearby hills or a watchful hawk in the trees.

To find out more specifics about what was found in these areas to start a collection or to possibly collect you might want to sign up for the Minerals of California Online Database. Click here to sign up.

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