Smoky Quartz from SW Nevada

Here are some pictures of recently collected smoky quartz crystals from SW Nevada
found by Marc Jenkins and extracted by Marc and myself. In total we collected about
100 very good crystals measuring up to 14 inches in major dimension. There were
lots of floater double terminated crystals as well as regular shafts. The pocket was in
a large collapsed seam - part of a larger intrusive quartz outcrop which has vugs all
over the place. The problem is finding where the vugs are due to the large amount of overburden
- i.e. loose dirt and vegetation. This is by far the largest pocket I have seen collected
here and all the large crystals do not have the characteristic actinolite inclusions of most
smaller smoky crystals. This is a favorite location and it is on a private claim.

Here are some of the images of the crystals:

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