Maynard Topaz Mine

Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah

The Maynard Topaz Mine is world famous for its beautiful sherry colored topaz crystals and topaz clusters, bixbyite crystals, hematite garnets with oriented topaz, bixbyite garnets and many combinations thereof. This is a world class locality which is currently closed to the public since it is being mined by Utah Mineral and Fossil Inc. of Bountiful, Utah. This is the type locality for red beryl. It was discovered by Maynard Bixby of Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1800's and named in his honor. For more information about the Thomas Range consider our field collector's guidebook.

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Sherry Topaz Cluster
Bixbyite Garnet
Bixbyite Topaz
Durangite Cluster
Red Beryl
Smooth Opaque Topaz

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