Peterson Peak, AKA Hallelujah Junction, California/Nevada

Some of the world's finest quartz scepters and cathedral crystals plus clear, smoky and amethyst crystals have come from this locality. This is also known as Hallelujah Mountain but is really Peterson Peak. There are two primary mining claims here - one owned by Foster Hallman and the other by Jon Johnson (775)-786-3271 and Ed Christiansen (775)-677-1722. All three live in the greater Reno, Nevada area. Collecting here is uncertain at this time for fee collectors since there was a tragic heavy equipment accident in 2000. There are a whole slough of federal agencies including the BLM, MSHA working to resolve this case. Keep your eyes and ears open to see what happens here in 2001. Hopefully it will remain a favorite location for collectors for decades to come. See for yourself some of these fine specimens.

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