Coahuilla Mountain Area Pegmatites, Anza, Riverside County, California

About: There are several mines in this area including lots of unknown pegmatites hidden under the locally thick brush. The major mines in the area include the Fano Mine, Schindler Claims, Juan Diego Flats Quartz Deposit, and the Williamson Mine. The mines can all be generally reached by parking near the trailhead on the Allessandro Trail which is reached by passing Lake Riverside to the USFS Station and following the road up to Juan Diego Flats. These mines produced quartz, beryl, tourmaline (schorl and multicolored), spodumene, rose quartz crystals, mica, schorl, spessartite garnet, monazite, manganocolumbite, mangantantalite, fluorapatite and microlite. There are active claims in this area and even urban sprawl by now. Check locally and the best collecting is in the winter months when it is cooler and the snakes are sleeping. To find out more specifics about what was found in these areas to start a collection or to possibly collect you might want to sign up for the Minerals of California Online Database. Click here to sign up.

Schorl/Cleavelandite 3.6cm long

Feldspar 1.6cm tall

Garnet in Quartz 2.5cm tall
Crystal 1cm

Garnet Crystal 1.5cm max

Quartz Crystal 4cm max

Mica/Quartz 4cm max

Garnet Duo 3cm max
Largest Crystal 2.5cm

Garnet on Feldspar 4cm max
Max Crystal 0.7cm

Schorl Crystal 2cm max

Schorl Crystal 4.8cm max

Bottom Lit Spessartite Crystal 1cm max

Spessartite Crystal 1cm max

Fluorapatite Crystal 2cm max

A Typical Pocket Zone

Quartz with White Halos 8cm max

Large Complex DT Quartz 22cm max

Garnet Closeup 1cm max

Laser Illuminated Spessartite Garnet 1cm max

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